Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sydney Stories: What has been and follows, is a long story

Instead of reviewing the last two months, let's take a very long road back to summer 2010 when I made my first footstep to Australia for an exchange semester and roll out every little piece of the long, long story; Because despite being ready for some good adventure during that half year, I could have never guessed how much influence and change this place made to my life.

Within these two years, three more Sydney trips had to follow until I can tell today that the story has come to its steady state, and is now about to jump to its next level. It ended up in four meaningful chapters, and each came with its very own theme, accompanied by ups and downs, sometimes more dramatic, sometimes less.

Although there were times when we wanted to simply jump off the bridge, we kept carrying every heavy stone to finish our bridge to the shore. Even maybe not yet complete, every part we built up, walked through and left behind together is worth remembering...

and I never got the chance to illustrate all those parts of the long, long story... yet :)