Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fairy Tales Do Exist in the Real World

Guilin, China
If you think that fairy tales exist only in books or our fantasy world, you have not discovered our world yet. Whether it is a natural wonder or a human-made masterpiece, this world has so many wonderful places that will take your breath away and leave you being in awe.

What I am going to show you now will make your eyes glow. Be aware, you might suddenly feel utterly bored by your daily environment as you might get infected by chronical farsickness after you have seen the magical sceneries. However, take it as an inspiration to travel around as much as possible, because life is too short to miss out on unique treasures.

Alicante, Spain
Isn't this a great idea? Umbrellas are usually linked to rain, when the sky is grey and our mood easily turns to sad and depressed. However, with a colourful setup like this, rainy days can get quite enjoyable, especially on this street.

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
Doesn't this resemble a fairy tale scene? "Long time ago, a young man decided to leave home in order to discover the unknown world. On his adventure, he suddenly stumbled across a lovely kingdom resting on a peaceful field of green. Could there be a beautiful princess waiting for him?" Anyways, although I live in Germany, I haven't been to this place yet - such a shame.

Northern Lights, Alaska
This looks far more exciting than any fireworks and even more spectacular than shooting stars. I love the view of colourful lights glowing in the dark. The fact that it's the work of mother nature makes this even more mystical.

Zhangjiajie National Park, China

China is not only crowded with people. Far from the overloaded cities, we still find peaceful places. That place looks like a place in an Asian myth, as if it is a sacred place where gods are home. But... where are the dragons?!

Rainbow Bridge, Taiwan
I have a special relation to rainbows, because it metaphorically depicts my life purpose. For me, it symbolizes the bright happy ending after one has managed to fight through rainy days. It's all the colourful experiences and memories you have embraced which are finally marked in a rainbow. That's why I always say that I wish to walk on a rainbow one day, because it will be truly a walk of happiness.

Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan

Japanese are such artistic people. Although they are known to be very urbanised and modernised, you find a lot of pretty flowery scenes in Japan. 

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

And this was only a tiny part of what the world has still to offer. I stumbled across all these on an app called "Fancy" which my bf introduced to me. You can browse through all kinds of fancy stuff available on this world, no matter if its a place, a piece of clothes, a gadget, food, etc. It's certainly a very attractive app, because, who does not like to see fancy things? Moreover, it's a nice inspiring tool for the creative mind.


  1. Wow, da hast du dir ja wirklich atemberaubende Szenerien ausgesucht *___*
    Wie gern ich mal wirklich zu den Orten reisen würde, aber ich glaub das bleibt ein Traum XD

  2. Its so beautiful! Thats why I love to travel :)


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