Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sydney Stories: First Time Encounters

So I went to Sydney four times now from which I had the longest stay in 2010. Ironically, I took the fewest photos during that period, although I had stayed for almost half year. It's no surprise though. Back at that time, I haven't discovered yet how captivating the art of photography can be, and consequently, I missed out many beautiful views that I could have frozen up forever.
I am sure that what follows next year in 2013 will be even more breathtaking as ups and downs on life's rollercoaster are getting steeper and steeper. Before I might  make another life-changing step, let's look back at all the little encounters and experience in the past that actually inspire and encourage me to pursue a future path out of my comfort zone.

Most of these encounters and experiences happened in Sydney. I still remember how I was amazed by so many common things, because they were simply new and a first time encounter to me...

When you arrive at a completely new environment by yourself, you cannot get away of being surrounded by strangers in the beginning. It takes a while to gather up the courage for a first step, it takes a bit more to adapt and to find a common sense of fun, and it takes even longer to make true friends. In the end, I rushed through a lot of fun, a lot of people, and found the learning points in being different, doing different things and yet still be myself. I have to admit it has not always been a smooth experience, but from today's perspective, it was definitely worth it. At least, I learned a lot about how I want my lifestyle to be and which people I would always appreciate by my side.

Australia has the most beautiful and most various beaches. The combination of a beautiful view into the endless blue sky, the glittering sun on the crystal-clear water, the sound of waves splashing on the rocks and the refreshing ocean wind with the salty aftertaste - It is an exciting playground and yet a calming place. We left so much at the ocean side, be it the brightest laughter or the most bitter tears. It created so many thoughts and emotions, and always left me with a huge anticipation of what is still out there, to see and to feel.

Something I have noticed in Australia is that clouds float in the sky on a much lower level than elsewhere. It almost feels like you can reach out your hand to them.

Darling Harbour Christmas Tree 2010 - Ever stood with t-shirt and shorts in front of a Christmas tree in December? Hot Christmas, exclusively in Australia.

Despite being a music lover, I had never attended any live concert. I listen a lot to Cantonese music, but living in Europe, you barely get the chance to have a HK or Chinese singer holding his or her concert in Europe, especially not in Germany. Sydney is different as a multicultural hotspot and Asian celebreties go there regularly. I ended up going to the Khalil Fong & Fiona Sit Concert and also to the Eason Chan DUO Concert in Sydney, and it was awesome :) However, I cannot wait until I can attend one in the concert hall of HK though...

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