Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I missed Melbourne's Twelve Apostles

Although I went to Australia so many times, I never made it to Melbourne - unfortunately :( My boyfriend went with our friends on a trip to Melbourne though and showed me awesome photos from their adventure. I am not going to show you the entire collection, but there is ONE photo, one spot, one view that I MUST share to you! It might be the most popular spot in Melbourne, although it's couple hours drive away from the city center. However, you drive along the so-called Great Ocean Road - so there will be some breathtaking views accompanying your ride, definitely worth going once!

The Twelve Apostles, "Melbourne", Australia

It's funny how it's called the TWELVE apostles, but has actually only nine stacks from which one even collapsed couple years ago, leaving eight today. Anyways, if you are around that area and enjoy great ocean views or even natural wonders, you shouldn't miss this famous Australian spot :)

My boyfriend took this very awesome photo before the wind smashed his camera to the ground :( That gives his camera a quite heroic appearance for still having completed a last great work, haha! I hope I can catch up a journey to Melbourne one day and take my own photo of this miraculous view.

Sigh, I miss Australia... especially because I've been going through freezing minus temperatures here in Germany's winter, while the hot sun is shining brightly "down under"...

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