Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Roadtrip away from Sydney with no Destination (Pt.1)

This trip dates back to the beginning of last year when I was in Australia. I've always wanted to write down the entire story of it, because it was such an awesome experience to me, but I never found time to do so throughout the year until now...

Well, we did have destinations, but they were decided on at the very last moments whenever we felt like making a stopover. Normally, people plan days ahead which route to take, where to stop and where, where to sleep over, which hostels to book etc... but we prepared nothing of these. A road trip has never been that spontaneous and random before for me. 

"Hey, when are we going to do a road trip?"
"How about in 2 days?"

This was basically the first and last thing we set up two days before we really went for the trip. I still remember that we started our trip at the morning of new year's day, so we had just made through a party night with other friends. We simply brought along to the party our baggage for the trip because we wanted to go the morning straight after - crazy idea, but no time should be wasted right?

It was such a lovely summer day in Australia. If you can't bare cold winters, always escape to the other side of the world to where the kangaroos are home. You will embrace every day because you will be blessed with warm sun beams most of the time :)

Chatswood Westfield
Everything was so unplanned that our first stop was the supermarket where we picked up snacks, sun cream, thongs, towels, etc. Yes, we bought in the last minute the most basic stuff that one was supposed to have already packed long time ago.

Groceries - check! What now? The five of us sat in our car, rolled out our map, and there it goes...

"Either we drive to the north or we drive to the south."
"Where is more to see?"
"Let's go north then!"

That was roughly the discussion narrowed down to its main points, and as it said, we ended up driving to the north direction with no final destination set. We just wanted to see how far we could get and how much we could manage to see in five days (yes, we planned at least the duration of the entire trip due to work).

Newcastle Beach
We all know the romantic flair that sunset brings, but Australia will make you fall in love with sunsets. I've never seen as many different sunsets as I did in Australia. Spending time at various beaches and watching the sun slowly disappear into the endless ocean... it's heart flattering :)

Newcastle Beach
As it was slowly getting dark, we had to hurry so we could still make some nice snapshots with natural light. It was quite slippery on the rocks, but a great snap shot of the ocean and the beach was worth this little life-risky move. Who knows when I would get the chance to come back here? And eventually, it was in the end my boyfriend who managed to make a great shot of me, hehe!

Newcastle Beach

Newcastle Beach
And what was left behind from us at our first stopover were traces of a joyful late afternoon. It's really a lovely beach, not too crowded and not too "tourismized", a really nice place to hang out at for a relaxing afternoon.

One Mile Beach
The next day was a typical beach day where you would jump into the water, lie on the beach watching people in swimsuit behind your sunglasses, build sand castles like children, roll around in the sand, etc. Yes, we just threw away our thongs, ran around on bare feet to feel the hot sand cooking our skin.

One Mile Beach

One Mile Beach
And when I say "cooking", I really mean it. While standing there listening to music, watching the waves, enjoying the bright weather, I drifted away into my dreamy world for so many hours that I didn't realize how the sun was roasting my shoulders and my back, basically the bare skin you can see on the photo above. My sunburn was so bad that it hurt for at least two weeks. The best about it, I can still see the tan NOW, after more than one year!! That should give you a good impression about the power of Australian sun. For me, it was a very deep one. Although you belong to those that don't get sunburn easily, in Australia, you will change your mind. I learned my lesson from that... always put on THICK sun protection, especially in Australia.

Nelson Bay
Our hunger made us stop in Nelson Bay for a good steak lunch at Hog's Breath CafĂ© from which you can enjoy a nice view on the harbour. The restaurant is a well-known Australian chain of steak house restaurants, and we actually bumped into it at several places throughout our entire trip. I just found out now that their prime rib steak is their signature dish which I have not tried, sigh! Every time you visit a restaurant, ask for their signature dish instead of randomly picking some random "sounds-not-bad" dish, or you will be left curious forever in case you cannot easily re-visit, haha. However, it was still quite delicious there ;D

Hog's Breath at Port Macquarie
Hog's Breath at Port Macquarie
Australis Diamond Beach Resort
That was our little home for several nights at Australis Diamond Beach Resort. It was so lovely that we
claimed it as our base for more than one night and decided to discover different places from here.

It was a remote area with the beach right behind the resort, so you can be sure to have some relaxing time there. The house was very spacious and is suitable for groups or a nice family holiday. We even had a spa bathtub - bubble bath time! For the bigger bubbles and more water splashing, some villas even have their own pool.
Diamond Beach Resort
Diamond Beach
Diamond Beach
Diamond Beach
It seems that the resort had its private section to the beach, because I have never seen such a calm and peaceful beach before with barely any people. It was totally the opposite of the One Mile Beach where we stopped at before - no crowds of tourists lying there for hours waiting to get tanned, no children running and screaming around or building sand castles, nothing.

Diamond Beach
This is what the beach seems to be suitable for - the "why" or "who am i" questions. The peacefulness and endless outlook to the ocean inspires to make one's thoughts wander, be it to precious past memories, to your present state of being or to the unknown future. It might sound like an emotional torture, but a heart to heart talk to the ocean can be quite soothing and delightful.

Eating out for all meals was economically not always feasible, but fast snacking too often was not healthy, too. Alternative: Jumping over to the next supermarket, grabbing some veggies and good food, and making some home-cooked meals so that no one would get homesick (although I'm sure no one would get the slightest idea of homesickness during this awesome trip).

Somewhere on the road
Somewhere on the road
Australia hides so many surprising natural wonder spots on the roads, that even a little toilet break can end up in an awesome discovery. Although it's again water, water and water after so many beaches, bays and harbors, it still doesn't fail to flatter the eye. Advice for the adventurous travelers of yours: stop by at the weirdest and remotest places, and make the walk around the corner instead of simply heading straight to the popular attractions :) that's the most exciting part about road trips I guess.

For example, this was a discovery we made when we drove into a forest road which was apparently the wrong exit. These three objects look pretty boring and seem to be nothing special, but the box is super cute and the photo gives somehow a taste of what it was like in that remote forest road.

As we drove along, we reached the borders of Queensland, so why not get a taste of Gold Coast Broadbeach, Movie World and Brisbane?


  1. Australia is such a beautiful country! The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely stunning and yes, the sun here is extremely harsh! Always slather on heaps of sunscreen- even when it isn't sunny. Beautiful photos too! I love spontaneous trips, they are always so much fun and roadtrips are such a joy on the Australian roads :)

    1. yes, i miss it already :( so wanna go back although i've been there so many times already! but u just never get sick of Australia :D

      thanks for commenting and following!!

  2. I'm planning to do an "unplanned" type of trip too- except around Europe instead of Australia. But I'm making myself do it after I finish uni so I will definitely have the cash.

    You're photos are beautiful- I live in Melbourne but I've only ever been to Sydney and would love to check out the other places around the country. It's so pretty!


Thanks for the comments~ I appreciate all of them! :)