Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday Present

FUJIFILM INSTAX 210 INSTANT PHOTO CAMERA. I was quite surprised when I was visiting my boyfriend's parents and then they told me: "W. has sent you a quite heavy package!". I didn't expect to get any big present for birthday this year - I'm happy now :D !

I haven't got the chance to try out this camera yet, but my first impression of it is: big, chunky and heavy. However, after checking up some reviews online, it's supposed to be a really good instant cam. In general, I always wanted to create one of those colorful polaroid walls with creative photos, precious moments and memorable events with family and friends. I think it would make an awesome room decor :) Besides, I love how polaroid photos have that retro style (and it doesn't always have to be created by Instagram :P).

At the moment, I don't dare to make random snapshots, because I don't want to waste any of the expensive film. I rather wait for some meaningful photo opportunity or some special event or hangout with friends to give my new instant cam its premiere, making sure that every photo is top. Let me later tell you more about my experience of using the instant cam or show you the instant pictures I take ;D

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week Rewind: Birthday, Farewell, Hong Kong

I've just landed in Hong Kong and directly starting off with a busy week, so the week rewind of my last week in Germany comes now a bit delayed, sorry!

The older I get, the less I feel like celebrating my BIRTHDAY by any special manner. I spent this birthday having a simple dimsum dinner with my parents in Maastricht which is the only place around my area in Germany where you can get delicious dimsum. Do you recognize the dishes in here? Which is your favorite?

There we jump from the birthday dinner right to my FAREWELL DINNER, but this time with my both cousins. First we went to some bar, but it was so packed and the music was so loud inside that we left right after we made our first foot step into the restaurant bars. It's funny how we now enjoy calm and decent places instead of the weekend party atmosphere, like grandpas and grandmas. Have we really become so old already?

Have you ever PACKED FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR? I already find it difficult to pack for a holiday, so packing for the entire year was pretty close to mission impossible. Well, maybe packing itself was not a mission impossible, but packing for the year AND having everything you want fitting into the luggage. I also didn't want to spend too much money on things I have stocks of at home, e.g. my skincare products, on the other side, the bottles of liquid and creams add on a lot of weight, sigh. However, as you can see, I managed it somehow to finish "the bomb".

Usually, the grey weather is a good reason to be happy about when you leave it for a sunny location. On my RAINY DEPARTURE though, the gloomy weather created the blue curtain which was rather emotionally draining as it effectively covered a lot that I wanted to see, but made those even more visible that I didn't hope to see and feel.  

More enlightenment when I arrived AT THE AIRPORT. I brought some little friend with me from my room in Germany, so it wouldn't become too unfamiliar in my new home in Hong Kong later. Have I ever mentioned how I love to be surrounded by cute plush animals in my room, so that it feels more like home? haha, childish, I know xP

ARRIVED IN HONG KONG after 10 hours of flight, pretty fast actually. I was lucky to sit at the aisle and next to a around 15 years old girl who was quite calm and nice, so I had a quite comfortable flight although the plane was totally full which I had not expected for this season.

Love the weather in Hong Kong at the moment. It's sunny and warm, but not too hot and humid, quite perfect actually :) This is how you would love to spend most time outside. However, I always feel like going out in Hong Kong, even if it is just for walking around somewhere, and even if I have to squeeze between the floods of people. Maybe I really like the busy life and busy streets, so I don't feel overwhelmed by the crowds (yet?) while my friends have been complaining a lot about the many people.

My week in Hong Kong has just begun, so I haven't been doing so much except of visiting family and meeting up friends. However, I can't wait to explore many great places, snap around for nice photos, and show you more of Hong Kong :)

Stay tuned for more in my next blog post :D

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The water has not always been deep blue tinted by the clear, bright, cloud-free sky, and the MAAS RIVERSIDE has not always been blessed with a golden shine. I still see myself running over the bridge over there, rushing to uni classes, be it on a sunny, windy, rainy or snowy day. Bridging over the past 4 years of student life in this city took me indeed through some stormy instances and lifeless phases as well, but all in all, it has amounted to a lovely, satisfying picture.

Some familiar stops on my routine path to uni...

Never realized that the MOSAE FORUM can look so pretty in the sunset.

The statue you see in here is called "THE TRAVELLER" - and it's non-stop on fire.

THE MARKET. I'm not very happy with this photo, because I was not prepared for this shot at all. First, I simply wanted to make a shot of the building only, but then the crowd of birds suddenly flew by and I found it even prettier to have them in the photo. However, it happened so fast that I couldn't take enough care of everything in the photo, and it now looks as if it's cut at the bottom =/ Too bad they didn't fly by like this a second time either... seems that photography needs some luck too...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week Rewind: Snowy Moving, Thermal Bathing, Highschool Memories

It has been a busy, busy, busy week, and at the same time, a very multifaceted one.

Last week, a SNOW STORM covered landscapes with endless white blankets, and now we are bathing under a clear, blue sky with the nature's most powerful spotlight opening a colorful spring show.

Unfortunately, the unlucky me couldn't FINISH MOVING early or late enough to avoid the unfavorable weather condition. I had to finish moving during the snow storm. So instead of simply carrying things from A to B, it became a fight against slippery ground and snow flakes doing their wild dance in the air. With a bit of waddling, slipping, cold feet and muscle soreness, I somehow managed to puzzle my final pieces of furniture and stuff into the car, and started the snowy driving adventure with my FLUFFY COMPANY who seemed to feel like a king on the co-driver's seat. I brought this teddy all along from Australia, and it experienced already once the privilege of occupying an entire passenger seat, because I had an empty seat next to me in the flight - such a lucky thing.

The entire moving process has drained so much of my human battery that I totally deserved a little THERMAL PARADIES. It's the Emser Therme - Wellness & Sauna, located in Bad Ems near Koblenz in Germany. My friends and me expected something of a larger scale since it is newly built and has just opened in the end of December last year.

However, the atmosphere was very pleasing and they offer many options for pampering yourself: The main pool, the refreshing outdoor pool, the hot pool, the cold pool (probably the least popular one, but it stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens your immune system), three or four different herbal-steaming rooms (they differ by temperatures), also several saunas and many resting areas. Massage is provided for an additional fee.

I am not sure how much of the minerals in the water my skin could absorb, but I felt so squeaky clean and healthy after enjoying thermal bathing there - and 15 Euros for 3 hours (even including sauna) is actually a good value!

I haven't been to this place for 4.5 years already, but I suddenly felt that I should re-visit this place and the people from my memory there - MY HIGHSCHOOL. I was totally overwhelmed by its transformation and everything that has been replaced by some eco-friendly construction or modern technology. Chalk boards were now pen boards, computers were everywhere, the paper news board became a large LCD TV screen,  classrooms have now air-conditioning systems, and homework is now received via email or through a forum. It's actually nothing special, because universities have this equipment and these tools, too. But other than being a big, well-renowned institution, my highschool is based in a lovely middle-sized village, so these changes were strange to me.

I actually had a meeting with a teacher of mine and caught up about life a bit. She has always been a teacher I liked very much, because she never only taught us about study materials, but also trained us a lot for processes of learning in the future. To be honest, I teared up a bit when she told me how teachers still remember me, like how some teachers had mentioned me after I graduated :')

One week left until my flight. I am a bit sad that I cannot take my little HANNARI TOFU COLLECTION with me to decorate my new home over there, so I've decided to take a photo of them and switched my fb cover picture, haha! I totally have a weakness for this fluffly tofu thingy, hope I can find more of them in Hong Kong later, wakakakkaa.

Doesn't the right photo make people think that I was A GEEK xD? Beside preparing some memories, I also setup computers for my parents so they can easily use them without me showing them each time. My parents are now so tech-savvy with their facebook, skype, yahoo messenger, whatsapp. I can't believe that I've really taught them the full set of main online communcation channels, and my mum got the habit to message me the same message through ALL these channels to make sure that I do receive her messages...

Sunday, March 3, 2013


WHAT IS A RAINBOW FOR YOU? A colorful bow in the sky? A band of colours? A miracle? Magic? A childhood memory? Or do you simply think of an "optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere"?

Grown up people would not see it as something special, because we simply know that a rainbow is this "optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere".

But for children, it is a different story. They do not treat it as a scientific or meteorological phenomenon. For them, it is like magic, a miracle about which they get extremely excited and totally amazed. I have got to realize this because I am now sitting in the bus on my way home, and behind me are two little children screaming out their fascination about the rainbow that has just appeared in the sky.

Such screaming kiddies usually annoy me. However, this time they make me think back to the time when I was their age. I actually used to be same. Each time I saw a rainbow, I would constantly stare at it at our window until it was disappeared, and I got freaky about that “miracle” too.

Children do not think about cause and effects. The missing knowledge gives them the magic that makes them happy. The fact that children think simple makes them seeing things as complex and special.

It’s just sad that after we have grown up, we forget how common things in our childhood used to make us all excited and happy. It’s sad that we fail to see the beauty and extraordinary in daily things because we know a logic or scientific explanation to them, and because we take them for granted.

It’s sad that we smile less because we think more.

*repost from my old blog, 2010