Sunday, March 3, 2013


WHAT IS A RAINBOW FOR YOU? A colorful bow in the sky? A band of colours? A miracle? Magic? A childhood memory? Or do you simply think of an "optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere"?

Grown up people would not see it as something special, because we simply know that a rainbow is this "optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere".

But for children, it is a different story. They do not treat it as a scientific or meteorological phenomenon. For them, it is like magic, a miracle about which they get extremely excited and totally amazed. I have got to realize this because I am now sitting in the bus on my way home, and behind me are two little children screaming out their fascination about the rainbow that has just appeared in the sky.

Such screaming kiddies usually annoy me. However, this time they make me think back to the time when I was their age. I actually used to be same. Each time I saw a rainbow, I would constantly stare at it at our window until it was disappeared, and I got freaky about that “miracle” too.

Children do not think about cause and effects. The missing knowledge gives them the magic that makes them happy. The fact that children think simple makes them seeing things as complex and special.

It’s just sad that after we have grown up, we forget how common things in our childhood used to make us all excited and happy. It’s sad that we fail to see the beauty and extraordinary in daily things because we know a logic or scientific explanation to them, and because we take them for granted.

It’s sad that we smile less because we think more.

*repost from my old blog, 2010


  1. True, our emotions and thoughts become way too complicated at times as adults. Often we let silly things annoy the heck of us and let them linger too long. Unlike children they forget fast and move on.

    Thanks for your comment. People have different views on luxury it cars, house, accessories and more. Travel can also mean luxury for most people as well. It is more of a petsonal thing/lifestyle because after all it is their money. I dont judge how people spend their hard earn money. Just my two cents.

  2. nice post.People nowadays tend to use their own strength,get controlled by technology and modernism until.We need to look back and be thankful of whatever happen in our lives.We should appreciate every little things and be thankful more to God :)

    anw,thnks for following my blog.folowed u too! ^^

  3. Well knowing how rainbows are formed, I still get excited seeing them. I'm one of those who still like to believe that there are fairies and unicorns and magic around us. Kids are the happiest as they believe more in things that adults cease to believe.

  4. I remember seeing a rainbow, and trying to chase after it so I'd be stricken with the pot of gold at the end. But sadly, it never happened, and although it looked like it would follow me from every angle, contradictorily, I could never reach it, because it stretched further as I ran towards it. This was also the case for me and the moon. But I still appreciate rainbows, I get giddy knowing that it won't be too hot and it'll be a temperate breeze with sunshine, and a rainbow in the sky. I'd like to think that these phenomenons will never lose magic.

  5. So interesting. I used to love drawing rainbows when i was a kid...


  6. I think that I definitely used to be more excited about seeing rainbows, but I still love seeing them now. :)

  7. I guess that's why sometimes it's better not to think too much! ^^ Just discovered your blog, love your layout and your blogging style. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to future posts!! :)))

  8. Aww, this post really reminded me of a book I'm reading right now, The Tao of Pooh.

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  10. Oh sweetie this post is really lovely. A rainbow the rainbox makes me remember a Japanese song.


  11. U'll get used toscreaming babies when u have ur own:) theyre adorable lol.
    I looveee rainbows too.

  12. It's also sad to know there's so much wonder and beauty in the world only to miss it when getting caught up in the daily run of things. Even though I know how rainbows are created I still look at it as sort of magical because I had the luck or chance to see it in whatever moment of my life...that and I don't see many rainbows lol.

  13. Oh, this is so true for most people. Even though I know rainbows are explained by science, they're still magic to me :) P.S. I love green tea-flavoured treats, too! Green tea ice cream is my favourite thing ever, hehe xx

  14. lovely blog.. :)

    It's funny, I was just thinking today about the innocence and sense of wonder children have. I'd love to live like in that child like wander again.. :)

  15. definitely an insightful post. Agree with how we are turning into this.

    Btw thanks for your comment on my blog about the vase :) just followed you!

    Oui Hui @ Blogspot

  16. something about rainbows are so nostalgic and it does suck that i don't get as excited as i used to at its sight. loved this post.

  17. Rainbows are still magic to me! I often wonder where they start or finish when I see one!

    Carmen Ri.

  18. I can remember having the same level of excitement when I was a kid. It is still magical for me.

  19. I'm moving as well so I've been digging up pinterst ideas :)

    Wow I see you're based on Germany? I'm assuming berlin?


  20. so interesting! i use to write songs about rainbow and what you wrote is such an inspiration.

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    1. oh wow, thank you!
      didn't expect any bday greets here :D

  22. OH CRAP I THOUGHT OF THE OPTICAL ILLUSION ONE THEN I read that you have pointed that out that adults lose that 'child' part in them after they grew up QQ

    It really made me realized how much I've grown over this past few years and how much I have been losing with my inner self kid ;_; Time to rectify that! Thanks for pointing it out <3

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too :D I've followed you on GFC and BlogLovin! Hope to see you on mine too!

    Hehehe nice rainbow drawing >D I think of Nyan-cat every time I see rainbows =P



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