Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week Rewind: Birthday, Farewell, Hong Kong

I've just landed in Hong Kong and directly starting off with a busy week, so the week rewind of my last week in Germany comes now a bit delayed, sorry!

The older I get, the less I feel like celebrating my BIRTHDAY by any special manner. I spent this birthday having a simple dimsum dinner with my parents in Maastricht which is the only place around my area in Germany where you can get delicious dimsum. Do you recognize the dishes in here? Which is your favorite?

There we jump from the birthday dinner right to my FAREWELL DINNER, but this time with my both cousins. First we went to some bar, but it was so packed and the music was so loud inside that we left right after we made our first foot step into the restaurant bars. It's funny how we now enjoy calm and decent places instead of the weekend party atmosphere, like grandpas and grandmas. Have we really become so old already?

Have you ever PACKED FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR? I already find it difficult to pack for a holiday, so packing for the entire year was pretty close to mission impossible. Well, maybe packing itself was not a mission impossible, but packing for the year AND having everything you want fitting into the luggage. I also didn't want to spend too much money on things I have stocks of at home, e.g. my skincare products, on the other side, the bottles of liquid and creams add on a lot of weight, sigh. However, as you can see, I managed it somehow to finish "the bomb".

Usually, the grey weather is a good reason to be happy about when you leave it for a sunny location. On my RAINY DEPARTURE though, the gloomy weather created the blue curtain which was rather emotionally draining as it effectively covered a lot that I wanted to see, but made those even more visible that I didn't hope to see and feel.  

More enlightenment when I arrived AT THE AIRPORT. I brought some little friend with me from my room in Germany, so it wouldn't become too unfamiliar in my new home in Hong Kong later. Have I ever mentioned how I love to be surrounded by cute plush animals in my room, so that it feels more like home? haha, childish, I know xP

ARRIVED IN HONG KONG after 10 hours of flight, pretty fast actually. I was lucky to sit at the aisle and next to a around 15 years old girl who was quite calm and nice, so I had a quite comfortable flight although the plane was totally full which I had not expected for this season.

Love the weather in Hong Kong at the moment. It's sunny and warm, but not too hot and humid, quite perfect actually :) This is how you would love to spend most time outside. However, I always feel like going out in Hong Kong, even if it is just for walking around somewhere, and even if I have to squeeze between the floods of people. Maybe I really like the busy life and busy streets, so I don't feel overwhelmed by the crowds (yet?) while my friends have been complaining a lot about the many people.

My week in Hong Kong has just begun, so I haven't been doing so much except of visiting family and meeting up friends. However, I can't wait to explore many great places, snap around for nice photos, and show you more of Hong Kong :)

Stay tuned for more in my next blog post :D


  1. So yummy<3 I haven't had a good burger and fries in foreverT___T


  2. Happy Belated birthday :-) Your dimsum looks incredible, oh my gosh, all those succulent food and flavoursome dishes, I love me some cheong fan HAHA I always eat fung chao at home and not publicly, there's something about gnawing on bones that I feel to embarassed to do so in front of company. Argh don't you hate it when the ambiance of things is just so off putting with music? I think its much better to have a calmer scene at a cafe since you can listen to conversation much easier! c: That burger looks delishly juicy though mmm the most I've ever packed was for about two weeks, but a year, gosh, what a momentous task for you. I like your Hello Kitty inset haha, maybe the universe was feeling empathy for you and it too cried and provided a blue backdrop :c Gloomy bear! I haven't seen them in ages haha I think the idea of plush animals is cute, its comforting and nostalgic. My bed is a fort to them, no shame. Hong Kong looks like the weather at Sydney at the moment haha, but just with the random instances of heatwaves still though =_= Hope you have a great time in Hong Kong, can't wait to read about your adventures :-)

  3. Happy belated birthday! The best way to spend goodbyes is between meals. :) It must be exciting to uproot and live in a completely different country.

  4. Glad that you had a pleasant flight to Hong Kong~
    Can't wait to read more of your posts on Hong Kong! :D

  5. Ohh, das Essen! Yummy!
    Ich beneide dich so um das Wetter in Hong Kong, das kannst du dir gar nicht vorstellen, haha! :D
    Und alles Gute nachträglich. <3

  6. Happy belated birthday! :)
    I haven't had dim sum in aaages. There aren't very many good places for it around here unfortunately.
    I miss Hong Kong. :'c Especially the food haha. I think the crowds get pretty overwhelming in certain places - especially on the MTR and in the popular shopping places!
    I hope you enjoy it there! :D

  7. Happy belated birthday Connie!
    I love the top right and down
    right of the dimsum pick c:
    I miss Hong Kong ah :c are you
    going back to Holland again?


  8. Happy belated birthday gorgeous! :D Oooh do I see cheung fun? yummy! ^^ Hope you have fun in hk! :)))

  9. Oh, es sieht alles so lecker aus und ich wünsche dir auch alles gute zum Geburtstag. :D

  10. Wooh, glad to know that you have arrived in Hong Kong safely! Hope you have a fun time there while studying! <3 But why so far? o.o I mean from Germany to Hong Kong whoa. Are you originally from Hong Kong??

    Omnomnom. Dimsum in Germany actually looks decent lol, that's a surprise! It has always been a dream of mine to visit Germany one day because of one of my friend is there :D Hopefully I get the chance to do that one day <3

    Settle down first then only start blogging again <3 Don't tire yourself too much! And don't get soaked with too much sunlight! Heatstroke lol!


  11. Whoa work?! You look young, like seriously! Lol! Wow everyone's in Hong Kong o.o Hahaha, I have a friend who migrated to Hong Kong then went to Singapore because she finds Hong Kong a bit too far from her family. We are from Malaysia, you see =P

    I can't imagine working in a total foreign country ._. Don't worry, when you are stressed, you have your plushies to cheer you up! <3 SQUEEZE them! Hahahaha

  12. Happy belated birthday! Wow, I can't imagine packing for a year :o Have fun exploring Hong Kong!


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