Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week Rewind: Snowy Moving, Thermal Bathing, Highschool Memories

It has been a busy, busy, busy week, and at the same time, a very multifaceted one.

Last week, a SNOW STORM covered landscapes with endless white blankets, and now we are bathing under a clear, blue sky with the nature's most powerful spotlight opening a colorful spring show.

Unfortunately, the unlucky me couldn't FINISH MOVING early or late enough to avoid the unfavorable weather condition. I had to finish moving during the snow storm. So instead of simply carrying things from A to B, it became a fight against slippery ground and snow flakes doing their wild dance in the air. With a bit of waddling, slipping, cold feet and muscle soreness, I somehow managed to puzzle my final pieces of furniture and stuff into the car, and started the snowy driving adventure with my FLUFFY COMPANY who seemed to feel like a king on the co-driver's seat. I brought this teddy all along from Australia, and it experienced already once the privilege of occupying an entire passenger seat, because I had an empty seat next to me in the flight - such a lucky thing.

The entire moving process has drained so much of my human battery that I totally deserved a little THERMAL PARADIES. It's the Emser Therme - Wellness & Sauna, located in Bad Ems near Koblenz in Germany. My friends and me expected something of a larger scale since it is newly built and has just opened in the end of December last year.

However, the atmosphere was very pleasing and they offer many options for pampering yourself: The main pool, the refreshing outdoor pool, the hot pool, the cold pool (probably the least popular one, but it stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens your immune system), three or four different herbal-steaming rooms (they differ by temperatures), also several saunas and many resting areas. Massage is provided for an additional fee.

I am not sure how much of the minerals in the water my skin could absorb, but I felt so squeaky clean and healthy after enjoying thermal bathing there - and 15 Euros for 3 hours (even including sauna) is actually a good value!

I haven't been to this place for 4.5 years already, but I suddenly felt that I should re-visit this place and the people from my memory there - MY HIGHSCHOOL. I was totally overwhelmed by its transformation and everything that has been replaced by some eco-friendly construction or modern technology. Chalk boards were now pen boards, computers were everywhere, the paper news board became a large LCD TV screen,  classrooms have now air-conditioning systems, and homework is now received via email or through a forum. It's actually nothing special, because universities have this equipment and these tools, too. But other than being a big, well-renowned institution, my highschool is based in a lovely middle-sized village, so these changes were strange to me.

I actually had a meeting with a teacher of mine and caught up about life a bit. She has always been a teacher I liked very much, because she never only taught us about study materials, but also trained us a lot for processes of learning in the future. To be honest, I teared up a bit when she told me how teachers still remember me, like how some teachers had mentioned me after I graduated :')

One week left until my flight. I am a bit sad that I cannot take my little HANNARI TOFU COLLECTION with me to decorate my new home over there, so I've decided to take a photo of them and switched my fb cover picture, haha! I totally have a weakness for this fluffly tofu thingy, hope I can find more of them in Hong Kong later, wakakakkaa.

Doesn't the right photo make people think that I was A GEEK xD? Beside preparing some memories, I also setup computers for my parents so they can easily use them without me showing them each time. My parents are now so tech-savvy with their facebook, skype, yahoo messenger, whatsapp. I can't believe that I've really taught them the full set of main online communcation channels, and my mum got the habit to message me the same message through ALL these channels to make sure that I do receive her messages...


  1. Wow! Really good value for 15
    bucks and try all the pools c:
    Sounds really fun!


  2. Congratulations on moving in! Also that spa looks incredible!

    <3 Melissa

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now =)

  4. That bear!
    Great pictures.

  5. the bear looks so cute seating in the copilot seat, and with the scarf ♥.

  6. The blanket of snow covering those beautiful houses is just such a gorgeous image. I've never seen the snow, so this is utterly magical for me! <3

    <3 Mandy xx

  7. The snow is so pretty as it comes down and blankets the streets and buildings. We never get snow here!

  8. That Wellness & Sauna is to die for ;_; I would so love to visit there too!

    Hahahaha good job fighting all the snow and Mr Slippery =P Wow, moving to Hong Kong and leaving all this behind. Wish you all the best love! Well at least you have visited multiple regions of the Earth and that is something quite cool! :D

    Wish you all the best love!


  9. Thank you Connie, for sending so much love and motivational words over :) Now that your uni fight-time has moved on, I'm sure I can one day be like you and get there too! Oh by the way, I think Hong Kong has lots of the tofu thing/ Hellokitty I can't exactly remember. I'm a huge pooh lover and I found lots of pooh-stuff over there, I'm sure you can too! (It's hard to leave the collection behind, cause I still have names for mine and love them like no other, ah so childish)

    +++ The spa looks delish, like I could yum it up now! :( Can't seem to always say how awesome you are each time! xx Be safe while you pack and move too dear!

  10. thx for stopping by my blog! great blog and cute bear :)

  11. Congrats on moving in! I personally hate snow but it does give a nice scenery when you look out the window. The spa looks amazing, wish I had the time to wind down at one :(


  12. I really don't know how blogging works and if this comment will appear there where I suppose. Considering your high-school: Never forget that we always leave parts of us at the places where we have been. Go to these places and you will find small parts of yourself again. Never forget where you are coming from.


Thanks for the comments~ I appreciate all of them! :)