Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Rubberduck Hype

I believe many of you have already been spammed with a wave of similar photos, be it on your facebook news feed, via whatsapp or via word of mouth such as "HAVE YOU ALREADY SEEN THIS?!?" *smashes phone screen onto your face* ...

Some people are already annoyed to the max by this yellow monster duck, while nevertheless, some people are still amazed and very excited about this yellow cute duckie which has already been travelling around the world.  

No matter if you find it cute or amazing, over-hyped, ugly or boring, I think it's worth greeting it once personally. However, be aware that you might encounter a war in front of it. In Hong Kong, the first Saturday after it has arrived counted over 300.000 visitors... and I happened to be there on THAT day... 

"Bow in front of me, you pathetic humans!"
It's really unbelievable how everyone is going crazy for just seeing or taking a photo with this rubber duck.