Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Rubberduck Hype

I believe many of you have already been spammed with a wave of similar photos, be it on your facebook news feed, via whatsapp or via word of mouth such as "HAVE YOU ALREADY SEEN THIS?!?" *smashes phone screen onto your face* ...

Some people are already annoyed to the max by this yellow monster duck, while nevertheless, some people are still amazed and very excited about this yellow cute duckie which has already been travelling around the world.  

No matter if you find it cute or amazing, over-hyped, ugly or boring, I think it's worth greeting it once personally. However, be aware that you might encounter a war in front of it. In Hong Kong, the first Saturday after it has arrived counted over 300.000 visitors... and I happened to be there on THAT day... 

"Bow in front of me, you pathetic humans!"
It's really unbelievable how everyone is going crazy for just seeing or taking a photo with this rubber duck.


  1. Yellow duuuck! It's cute c:
    Argh, 300,000 people is alot!


  2. Hahaha it's cute! My family says Hong Kong is obsessed with this duck and products related to it are extremely popular. I think it's a cute idea. The duck has been to other cities around the world and bringing smiles to most people when they first hear about it. I'd like to believe that it is also bringing a pop of color to the HK skyline which is a nice change but seeing that huge crowd of people in that photo makes me nervous.

  3. hey Conny, hatte deine instagram fotos gesehen und deshalb erfahren dass die Ente gerade in HongKong ist und ich war absolut neidisch gewesen (ok die Schlange ist bestimmt kein Spaß ... )

    Leider wenn ich vielleicht im September nach HK fliege (zögere aber noch ein wenig, weil die Sache mit der Vogelgrippe verunsicht ein wenig) die Ente gar nicht mehr da ist.

    Jedenfalls schön mal so einen Einblick zu bekommen :)

  4. To be honest I think Hong Kong ppl can hype over whatever random thing that is displayed right there at TST harbour even if it's a giant toilet with loads of poopoo in it xD

  5. Aw it's so cute! (: Wow that's a lot of people. o: I saw people posting about it on FB but I had no idea what it was about haha.

  6. I saw on my friend's FB share that the duck has been totally deflated. Not sure if it is a gag photo or it has indeed "died".

  7. Hey! awesome blog you've got here :)
    you commented on my blog months ago but I just noticed today….lol.
    Annnnyway, definitely following - looking forward to future posts!

  8. That duck is adorable! I'm not quite sure what it's for, but it is pretty darn cute!

  9. Haha, I love this! Is it your photos? Can I borrow it to my blog - with a link back to your blog? :)

  10. this duck is suuuper cute <3 but yeah... kinda crazy how many people are ther just to see this duck lol.

    lots of love x

  11. Hahaha I saw this everywhere!! and funny enough... our local night market kinda piggy backed off of this theme as well. So we have a replica of it.. HAha how typical of a night market ;)


  12. We had one in Sydney as well! but I live in Melbourne :(

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  13. Oh my, I've been seeing on my instagram and the influx of people at TST, I can already imagine how claustrophobic it is to walk past that crowd. You've been missed Lili!


  14. Hello! It's been awhile!
    How are you?

    The Rubberducky is in HK now??
    The last i saw, it was in Sydney!!

  15. this is cute <3 hah

  16. Świetny blog i zdjęcia, ja już zaobserwowałam i licze na rewanż:

  17. The rubber duck was In Sydney at one point too!

  18. "Peasants" says the duck lol
    It does have something cute though haha

  19. haha omg XD How did it get there??? It must have been crazy to be there and see it!
    Loving your blog, I'm a new follower:) x

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    Louisa Moje

  21. Oh my gosh! That rubber duck is huuuuuge! We had a rubber duck race here in the UK a couple of weks ago however they were teeny!

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference


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